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API Integration

Integrating with a single API can be tough, let alone multiple APIs. I see integration being about on-boarding, exploration, education, authenitcation, code samples, testing and sandboxing. This API Integration project involves everything between discovery of APIs and going into production.

The goals is to find building blocks, tools, services and other knowledge that will help developers integrate APIs into their web, mobile and internet of things applications. This area of API evangelist is brand new and will be evolving as I continue my research.

If you have tools or approaches to development of apps using APIs, please let me know. I'd love to hear more about how you approach integration.

Your API’s Need for Speed

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APIs aren’t just about what content they deliver; they are also about how well they deliver that content.With the API Economy on the verge of outright explosion in 2015 – as if it hasn’t been exponentially growing year over year since 2005 – it’s no surprise that even institutions that are traditionally slow to change (like governments) are quickly realizing that they have some serious catching up to do.Cutting edge web companies that premise their designs with good practices like team methodologies, continuous delivery, and data-driven strategic decision making, already realize the benefits of the Programmable Web and know more.

Chatting with PagerDuty’s API

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Guest blog post from Simon Westlake is the Chief Technical Officer for Powercode, a complete CRM, OSS and billing system designed for ISPs.Powercode is in use by over two hundred ISPs around the globe.Since Powercode is used worldwide by a variety of different types of ISPs, we have integrations with all kinds of different third party services.These integrations encompass email account management, invoice printing, credit card processing, vehicle tracking, equipment provisioning and much more.However, most of these integrations only end up benefiting a handful of our customers, which is why it was a very pleasant surprise to see the more.