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These are the organizations I am tracking on as part of my API research in this area.

API Fortress

Test Monitor Automate API Fortress is an enterprise cloud solution to test monitor and automate the testing of APIs and web services Create a response validation test using our simple wizard schedule the test to run multiple times a day and monitor the updates sent to your inbox

API Science

New API tools for developers created by ProgrammableWeb founder John Musser


APIMATIC is an automatic SDK generator for Hypermedia APIs Providing SDKs or client libraries not only reduces the time required for your customers to begin consuming your API but also provides competitor advantage by targeting the variety of programming languages While the market pressures you to release early and release often you will often find yourself constrained with respect to time and resources As a result maintaining SDKs becomes untenable which ends up becoming a support nightmare

APIMetrics Stats

APImetrics builds on 3 years experience gained working on the challenge of API abstraction and management that is critical to every App and Web Service in use today nbspBy combining elements gained from API management tools and authentication technologies APImetrics have been able to build the first complete endtoend API performance test solution nbspThis allows developers enterprises and API providers to model complex API scenarios and provide them with real time monitoring and alerts when things go wrong


When it comes to connecting devices or applications on the Internet APIs is the way With the explosive invasion of new technologies mobile devices Internet of Things M2M even individual developers working on small applications need to resolve to APIs resulting in the creation of a vast amp new market As an increasing amount of APIs will be embedded in applications the need to be in tune with the inner workings of an API will equally increase We dont just need access to the results of an API anymore we need to understand the composition of the APIs we depend on and modify them based on the context of our application Apirise provides an environment that significantly minimizes the time and effort required to integrate APIs by making possible to modify all necessary data and services so that they can automatically be obtained as needed by the context of your application


Building Apps that depend on APIs speeds up development and helps make software allround more awesome However tracking and managing traffic flows to these APIs reacting if they slow down or fail dealing with version changes and the like can add massive overhead to development and operations APItools is brought to you by the 3scale Team and aims to solve this pain point making APIs easier to use and more reliable for your apps


AutoDevBot makes it easy for you to monitor all of your API endpointsnbspApplications are getting more complex with internal and external API interactions between various servers and processes The response from your APIs represent your application stack Keeping track of what is acceptable behavior is paramount to keeping a healthy system going


CloudRail is the standard interface for the intelligent and interoperable Internet of tomorrow It is a universal API that works with any system and is able to automatically adapt to new services due to an innovative learning method With CloudRail the Internet becomes one huge ecosystem where everything works together immediately out of the box Software developers only have to use a single interface to access all services and thus can speed up the development process rapidly Service providers can finally create perfectly integrated solutions and realize benefits from a huge developer ecosystem


Industrial cloud IDE build and test services for developers enterprises and ISVs Codenvy is the leader in cloud software development Codenvy has the largest selection of integrated partners including GitHub BitBucket RedHat OpenShift Google App Engine Amazon Web Services BeanStalk VMware CloudFoundry Heroku AppFog CloudBees Tier3 and ZeroTurnaround

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi a business unit of Dell is the first and only integration solution built in the cloud to fully exploit the value of the cloud Organizations of all sizesmdashfrom small businesses to the largest global enterprisesmdashtrust Dell Boomi to quickly connect any combination of cloud and onpremises applications Leading SaaS players and enterprise customers such as salesforcecom NetSuite Taleo oneworld AAA and NASDAQ rely on Dell Boomi to accelerate time to market increase sales and eliminate the challenges associated with integration

JSON Query

The first app for OS X that allows you to query a JSON data structure Use the simple search syntax to perform a lookup by key or value or drill into the data with literals square brackets for arrays and dots for associative arrays dictionaries


Loaderio is a free load testing service that allows you to stress test your webappsapis with thousands of concurrent connections We were born out of SendGrid Labs which is a new and growing internal effort at SendGrid Born in late 2012 SendGrid Labs builds tools and services to help developers focus on their core business We aim to provide creative and innovative solutions to common developer pain points to make their lives easier and to help them scale

LucyBot, Inc.

At LucyBot we believe APIs should be easy We help API providers build developer portals to show off their APIs functionality automatically generating sample code in several different programming languages and frameworks This increases API adoption expands usage among existing users and alleviates the burden of customer support


Magnetrsquos Enterprise Mobile Middleware solutions enable you to develop deploy and distribute TRUE enterprisegrade Mobile apps Magnet Systems helps mobilize the enterprise with a scalable middleware solution that allows your team to develop deploy and manage enterprisegrade mobile apps with the least amount of disruption Magnetrsquos extensible infrastructure enables advanced mobile workflows accelerates time to market and drives developer productivity

Mashape API Hub

Mashape provides tools that enable developers to quickly deliver and consume APIs and offers a marketplace for listing APIs nbspMashape provides tools for testing your API code for generation of custom errors components for user management and standardized API code language libraries in multiple languages nbspOnce your API is ready for prime time Mashape provides a marketplace for listing your API letting developers to easily discover and begin hacking with your API in a social API community environment

Nomos Software

Onboarding new customers and rolling out new services and products to existing customers often involves integrating the customers IT systems via the organisations APIs and XML channels Customer portals from Nomos make this process smoother by providing an interactive means for customers to understand and uncover the business policies that they must comply with The portals are also used to troubleshoot problems when automated requests from customers failnbsp


Paw is a fullfeatured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services delightful Either you are an API maker or consumer Paw helps you build HTTP requests inspect the servers response and even generate client code

Postman REST Client

Postman on Chrome is the most efficient way to test develop and document APIs Create complex requests go back in time and view results in a beautiful way Postman has more than 80 features to help you at every stepnbspOur user base is growing rapidly and with more tools in the pipeline Postman aims to provide the most comprehensive API development and testing solution to developers


The easiest way to generate SDKs REST API clients PHP Python Ruby ActionScript Flash C Andorid ObjectiveC Scala Java Highly customizable documentationwith easytofollow example code The current beta version is completely Free and we would love to hear feedback from you to improve our products


TheRightAPI allows you to explore APIs then evaluate information on each API such as cost terms of use and documentationthen share your feedback with the community by rating and commenting on APIs in their registryDevelopers can try out API usage scenario through nbsptest harness or leverage one of the scenarios shared by others in TheRightAPI community Developers can then automate your tests scenarios to run as often as once a minute or as little as once a day based on your subscription allowing view of activity through charts then set alerts of any critical errors


Runscope was started with the idea that depending on a web service API in a mobile or web application should be as easy as depending on code running locally Wersquove assembled a team of API infrastructure and developer experience experts to build tools to support the modern application development lifecycle


SDKSIO is at heart a store for SDKs allowing people to create their own download other SDKs and most importantly search through our database of SDKs We automatically look through existing API repositories including Mashape to bring you a comprehensive list of the SDK world

SmartBear Software

SmartBear puts our users first so yoursquore ready to support your organizationrsquos nextgeneration quality needs regardless of platform environment process or budget Whether your needs are to work or play in the cloud ldquogo Agilerdquo or take advantage of virtualization our free SaaS and onpremise tools have you covered in a variety of ways to satisfy the simplest to most missioncritical applications and situationsWe offer powerful affordable and easy to use software development testing performance and post deployment monitoring tools that work well in smallcompany environments and easily scale for enterprise use With our help you can automate mundane tasks easily track and report the success of your efforts and build the bestperforming products possible


The hardest part of working with APIs can be the differences between them Wersquore cataloging amp normalizing these differences to keep you focused on the data In building our API catalog our mission has been to restore focus on data making it easy to explore and preview API resources Actual integration however is still another matter


Server API MockUps in your browser Mock an API in your browser to prototype a backend or test your API client Aids very rapid development of mockup server APIs to improve the quality of your HTTP API clients


We are creating the nextgeneration mobile development platform in Cincinnati OH We know that to build a powerful app you rely on third party services and Venn provides a centralized authority into each of these services We strive to empower developers around the globe Venn provides fullstack solutions for API integration management feature redundancy data security version control performance monitoring and usage analytics


Vulcand is a reverse proxy for HTTP API management and microservices It is inspired by Hystrix It uses Etcd as a configuration backend so changes to configuration take effect immediately without restarting the service


Webscripts Lua environment includes library functions for accessing commonly needed facilities like HTTP routines and persistent storage In addition it presents a convenient convention for returning script results to an HTTP request


Webshell is an API which allow you to access any data on the programmable web using API in a faster and an easier way You have just to send us some javascript via http and we process it on the fly to give you the response you wish in record timeThe Webshell API is pretty simple allowing you to easily integrate your webshell code inside your mobile and web apps You can run a prototypenbspornbspexecute webshell code